Building Department

Construction within the City limits of Marshfield require a building permit and building inspections. Permit applications can be applied for at City Hall through the Building Inspector. For residential construction, hand drawn plans are sufficient. For commercial construction, an engineered set of plans is required. Simple remodel projects only require hand drawn plans for residential or commercial. Please contact the Building Inspector for requirements on Sign Permits.

Construction Standards

The City of Marshfield has adopted the 2018 International Building Codes and 2017 NEC Codes as a construction standard.


All inspections must be called in to the Building Inspector allowing sufficient time for those inspections to be scheduled.

The Building Inspector is also responsible for code enforcement for nuisance complaints, tall grass and weeds, trash, and unlicensed vehicles on private property.

Planning & Zoning

Please visit our Planning and Zoning page for other areas the Building Department handles as well as a list of applications.