Garage Sale Permit

Garage Sale Permit

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  3. Garage Sale Regulations:

    Only two sales are allowed per address within Marshfield City Limits, per resident, per calendar year.

    All signs must show permit number.  Signs shall be self-supporting, not attached to any stop sign, utility or light pole, guy wires, parking signs or any property owned by a utility company, city or state.  Permission must be obtained to place signs on private property.  No sign shall be posted for more than 24 hours before sale and must be removed within 8 hours of sale end.

    Hours of sale are not regulated EXCEPT that sales may only be held between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:00 pm when Marshfield public schools are in session.

    EXCEPTIONS: No permit is required for Citywide Sales, which are the 1st Saturday of every month from April thru October.  Citywide sales do not count towards the two sales allowed per calendar year.  No signage is allowed during Citywide sales except on the property of the sale. (Ord No. 1426 & 1707)

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