Schedules & Weather Information

Practice & Game Schedule (Fall 2023)

*There will be no games on October 28.
*There will be no practices on October 30 & 31.

3rd & 4th Grade Practice & Game Schedule

5th & 6th Grade Practice & Game Schedule

Picture Schedule (Fall 2023)

Picture day with Inter-State Studio is on October 21st. Please check your email for the code. 

8am: Team Skidmore & Team Beck
9am: Team Naugle & Team Foster
10am: Team Hall & Team Sartin

Weather Cancellation Text Alert text alert code: @hf644cc

How to sign up for the text alert

Weather Policy

The Parks Department will cancel games due to inclement weather preventing game play.  Notification will be made at least 1 hour prior to games. A post will be made on Facebook following notification through the Remind App.  The make-up date will be communicated though the Remind App and  Facebook.