Nerf Wars

Want to battle but in a safe way? Come shoot your nerf gun for a day. Marshfield Parks Department is asking all parents, grandparents, guardians to bring your kiddo(s) for our 2nd annual Nerf Wars. Adults play at no additional charge. Bring your own gun, nerf darts and protective eyewear. Please use dart only guns, no balls allowed.

Ages: 4-12
Register Online: Online registration is now closed
Nerf War Date: March 25, 2023
Possible weather make-up dates: March 26 OR April 2
Registration Deadline: March 22
Individual Fee: $10 per player, $5 per additional child 
Location: Centennial building in Ellis O. Jackson Park (Fairgrounds)
Equipment: Bring your own dart gun and bullets. Protective eyewear is required. **Standard Nerf guns and darts only No Nerf balls will be allowed.**

War Time

  • Ages 4-6, 1pm-1:45pm
  • Ages 7-9, 2pm-2:45pm
  • Ages 10-12, 3pm-3:45pm

Rules of War

  • No head shots
  • Share the ammo during play
  • No shooting while reloading
  • No close range shots
  • Stop when you hear "Stop"
  • Play Fair 
  • Have a BLAST
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Nerf War Map